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  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1
  • TRIKKE eV6.1


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The electric TRIKKE - German street legal!

Farbe: Schwarz
Maximale Geschwindigkeit: 25 km/h
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Thanks to the patented cambering joint, you can now also carve on the road!

The TRIKKE eV6.1 can be used easily and safely and requires no long instruction.

TRIKKE: GREEN l SMART l EASY with know-how from almost 25 years!

  • "Skiing on the road"
  • Easy and safe driving
  • Collapsible
  • Battery quickly and easily changeable
  • German street legal
  • Optional accessories such as bag, net and holder available


TRIKKE's are three-wheel articulated vehicle designed for fun, fitness, leisure and urban mobility for all ages. Manual, electric or for the ski slope.

TRIKKE was invented more than 25 years ago by Brazilian industrial designer Guildo Beleski. The patented 3CV joint provides a unique driving experience - carving on the road!

How do I drive a TRIKKE?

The manual fitness / sports models are moved by a simple side-to-side swing. The whole body is in motion - the ideal workout device! In addition, pushing the stand slightly towards the outside and getting into the corners completes the brilliant TRIKKE driving experience. The locomotion takes place exclusively by appropriate sideways movement.

The patented three-point cambering vehicle ("3CV") inherent in every vehicle is already used in more than half a million TRIKKE's worldwide.

TRIKKE's with electric drive have a throttle cable with which you can dose the desired acceleration and speed accordingly.

Braking is a TRIKKE on classic brake handles on the handlebars. For the electric TRIKKE this is for example a dual-circuit brake system with disc brakes.

TRIKKE: unsurpassed stability, safety and efficiency paired with a unique driving experience!

Ask? Reply! - TRIKKE eV Electric Vehicle FAQ

What is a TRIKKE eV / Electric?

The TRIKKE is primarily powered purely by electricity. The drive is via the front wheel. In support, the driver can actively influence the drive by means of corresponding carving movements. It can be folded up "like an umbrella" with simple movements and is thus easy to transport.

A pedelec, for example, is powered by pedals and thereby electrically supported or gains its energy over this. As a rule, pedelecs are not (simply) collapsible.

Are there different speed variants?

There are 2 variants: 20 km / h and 25 km / h.

Can the speed variant be changed later (25 in 20 or 20 in 25 km / h)?

Yes, this is possible. However, if the TRIKKE is to return to public road traffic after that, a new demonstration at a test center (eg TÜV) is required.

How to drive a TRIKKE?

About a throttle on the right side of the handlebar is accelerated. The classic way of controlling the bike is with the help of the handlebar, for braking you can either pull the front brake and / or the lever for the two rear brakes (dual-circuit brake system). The TRIKKE is equipped with disc brakes on all wheels.

Who is allowed to drive the TRIKKE?

You can drive the TRIKKE from 15 years of age or if you have at least a test certificate - also known as a moped driving license. For driving licenses of class B (car) this is included.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

For the 20 km / h version, this is not legally required. However, we always recommend to always wear a helmet, although this may not be mandatory.

Do I have to go to the admissions office with my TRIKKE?

This is not necessary as a one-time registration at the district office has already taken place before delivery. It is only a liability insurance (from about 50 EUR / year) necessary. The corresponding insurance license plate is then attached to the TRIKKE (a mounting device is available on every new eV6.1 vehicle).

Must my TRIKKE z. For example, how can a car be regularly demonstrated to a test center (eg TÜV, DEKRA)?

No. That is why it is important and advisable to regularly check the TRIKKE technically or have it checked by a TRIKKE Service Point.

What happens if I forget to turn off my TRIKKE?

After 5 minutes of inactivity the TRIKKE will switch off automatically. To reactivate, only turn the key again.

How do I secure my TRIKKE against misuse?

The vehicle is activated via an ignition key. If this is deducted, the battery is also firmly locked to the vehicle at the same time.

How do I secure my TRIKKE against theft?

Depending on the existing conditions, the TRIKKE as well as any bicycle can be disconnected or connected with a commercially available lock. This is best suited for the frame in the area of ​​the rear wheels.

How much does a TRIKKE weigh, what is the maximum gross weight?

The TRIKKE weighs less than 23 kg when in running order. The permitted total weight is 135 kg (see vehicle documents under F.1 or F.2). Thus, it is 112 kg maximum weight which may additionally act on the TRIKKE.

What are the primary wear parts?

The TRIKKE has only a few wear parts. The most important components are the tires and the brake pads. It is important to regularly check the tires (profile, possible damage, air pressure).

Is there optional equipment?

Yes, there are useful equipment to make the TRIKKE tour even more enjoyable. Bags etc. can be found here.

How to charge TRIKKE batteries?

Please only charge the battery with original TRIKKE chargers. As a rule, a rechargeable battery is fully charged after 5 hours at the latest, with an optional quick charger already in 3 hours. For charging, the battery can both remain in the vehicle and be removed from the holder.

If you use your TRIKKE more intensively, a second battery is recommended. This can easily be changed on the vehicle or carried in the bag.

Can I also charge the rechargeable battery or is there a risk of a memory effect (ie loss of capacity if the rechargeable battery is only partially charged / discharged at regular intervals)?

Since the TRIKKE battery has lithium-ion cells, there is no danger of a memory effect. The intermediate loading z. As in the workplace or at the stop in the café is no problem.

What must be considered with the battery?

It is best to always store the battery at room temperature in the dry. He should be fully charged at least once a month, at the latest with 10% remaining charge he must be loaded. A corresponding charger is included with each new vehicle.

What do I do with old batteries?

Please do not dispose of old batteries with household waste but give them eg. B. at the return points in your city or county from.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us!

Der TRIKKE Elektroscooter eV6


Data sheet

Board voltage
48 V
Front motor
Motor - continuous power
350 Watt
Product weight
23 kg
Maximum speed
25 km/h
German approval available (StVZO)?
Battery / Performance
48V-11,25Ah (540Wh) Lithium-Ionen (Panasonic cells)
Battery simply removable?
Charger - type
External charger
Charging time max.
Around 4 hours
Maximum range (Manufacturer statement)
Up to 40 kilometers
Available colours
White, Black
Disc brakes on all three wheels
Material of the frame
Body weight / load max.
110 kg
Lighting in front
Rear lighting
Wheel diameter
10 Zoll front, 9,5 Zoll rear
Hose tires
Ideal terrain
Road / light off road terrain
Delivery items
Vehicle including battery and two ignition keys, Charger,detailed operating instructions, Allen set
Dimensions shipping package
147 x 48 x 33 cm
Shipping weight
28 kg
Installation necessary?
Yes (Handlebar)

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