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Manufacturer Identification T67CS-**
Product weight 12 kg
Available colours Blue, Orange, Black
Foldable? Yes
Brakes Rear Wheels
Material of the frame Steal
Ideal age From 8 years
Ideal body size 1,30 to 1,65 m
Body weight / load max. 90 kg
Wheel diameter 7 Zoll front, 6 Zoll rear
Tires Polycarbonate - Convertible to tubular tires
Ideal terrain Street
Suggested retail price 215 EUR
EAN Code (European Article Number) OG: 0 858588 002042
UPC Code (Universal Product Code) OG: 8 58588 00204 2
Dimensions shipping package 104 x 36 x 23 cm
Shipping weight 12 kg

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TRIKKE's are three-wheel articulated vehicle designed for fun, fitness, leisure and urban mobility for all ages. Manual, electric or with runners for the ski slope.

TRIKKE was invented more than 25 years ago by Brazilian industrial designer Guildo Beleski. The patented 3CV joint provides a unique driving experience - carving on the road!

How do I drive a TRIKKE?

The manual fitness / sports models are moved by a simple side-to-side swing. The whole body is in motion - the ideal workout device! In addition, pushing the stand slightly towards the outside and getting into the corners completes the brilliant TRIKKE driving experience. The locomotion takes place exclusively by appropriate sideways movement.

The patented three-point cambering vehicle ("3CV") inherent in every vehicle is already used in more than half a million TRIKKE's worldwide.

TRIKKE's with electric drive have a throttle cable with which you can dose the desired acceleration and speed accordingly.

Braking is a TRIKKE on classic brake handles on the handlebars. In the electrical TRIKKE eV this is for example a dual-circuit brake system with disc brakes.

TRIKKE: unsurpassed stability, safety and efficiency paired with a unique driving experience!



So much fun


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